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The Stage Construction

Hi Penguins

Dragon here

A huge plan is happening on the stage, i think they are making a new stage, or a new play. It is going to own

Stay on my site for new updates

P.S The New Catalog is out!


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New Clothing Catalogue and Wig Catalogue

Hi penguins! today the new clothing catalog came out and the theme is fall

For the viking helmet, click on the yellow puffle on the first page

For the mixed bracelets, click on the beak of the yellow penguin with the beaded necklace

For the jade necklace, click on the hand of the penguin playing the guitar

For the spikette, click on the spikester


Waddle on!!

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New Olympia!!

Hello Penguins!

I’ve been hearing from a lot of you that you think the Penguin Games are awesome!! Some of you have been asking about how the races work.  To start an event, go to the Start and then begin when the screen counts down to “GO!”  Also, make sure you light all of the torches as you go along the tracks.

screen team.jpgIn Other News:  There were some awesome guesses about Wednesday’s sneak peek!  A lot of you figured out that the pictures were from the Ski Lodge.  I’m really curious what kinds of items and clothing you and your penguin friends are using to get your team spirit going. Let me know!!

These are the events!:

Freestyle Swim (6 Laps of the pool)

3 Lap Race (Ice Berg)

Marathon (Light up all the lights on the way otherwise you won’t get your medal)

And also there is the prize: A Medal

And they brought back the 2006 Face paints 😦 😦

One is in the Pizza parlor

Other is in the Coffee shop

Until then…waddle on!


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Who Has visited me!!!

This is a thing of who has visited me ever in my 2 years of blogging!
Enjoy the sight of many red dots
Locations of visitors to this page

Yay 🙂

Waddle on….

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Dragonflyer’s 500,000 Hit party!!!

Dragonflyer is having a party to celebrate 500,000 hits..!!!!!!

Where: Club Penguin

What server: Mittens

What Place: Ice Berg

What Time: 7.00 PM English Time

(Approx: 11 AM Club Penguin time)

What Date: 17 August 2008

What For: Fun Fun Fun And Igloo parties and competitions

Hope to see you there


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Club Penguin Latest Stuff #1

Hello Penguins!

I’ve heard from a lot of you how excited you are about the upcoming Penguin Games so I thought I’d give you a sneak peek of some of the cool items that will be available in Friday’s Snow and Sports catalog:
I don’t want to give any more away, but take your best guesses about what these are! As always, let us know what you think.

In Other News: The new Igloo Upgrades catalog will be available on Tinniriw!. If you’re into sailing the seas, you’ll love the new igloo! Check tomorrow’s newspaper for all the details. Here is a picture!

Also The New Penguin Olympics are coming up Soon. I can’t wait they’re going to be so fun i can imagine and the prize is I think a free olympic item if you win so get ready for the penguinolympics! Cp -2008-

Here is a picture.

There it is very interesting hey…

I wonder if their will be shot putt or football, probaly hockey 🙂

P.S Watch out for rockhopper. He is giving out the boat background which he has in his playercard.


Until then… Waddle on.

Bye Penguins!!


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Club penguin Updates


It is me here 😀

With some new stuff on cp

Rockhopper arrived yay

Also, the Team Blue’s Rally Debut has returned to CP! The Stage is different.
Also, you can see in the top corner of your screen, there is a Paper Boat. You have to find the Paper Boats.

These are where they all are

Boat number 1: Mine Shack

Boat number 2: Cove

Boat number 3: Coffee shop

Boat number 4:Beach

Boat number 5: Pool floating by the window

Boat number 6: Pet shop

Boat number 7: Dock

Boat number 8: Iceberg

Thank’s For reading


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