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Meet me

Hi dragonflyer9 here 🙂 Meet me today so you can meet me on RUNESCAPE or Clubpenguin If you want to meet me on runescape just say or cp just say right here i will be making you able to meet me every saturday and sunday from now on if you could posssibly meet me on My bribble Today at  6:00 AM PST please



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Me butspinning

A freind made this for me

Bye 🙂

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Ok here’s the final plan,

Hello welcome remember the party well here it it is Remember TToday at 5:35!



Important and cool

If you see me wearing any top or shirt apart from the black hoodie or red suede jacket click on me Ctrl + Printscreen it then put it on paint then send me the pic on and you will get faboulous prizes theres loads up for grabs even being editor or author on my weblog!

P.S It will be great hope you enjoy with all!

If you want to offer your igloos or be a head leader say here


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205,000 Hits Celebration

Hey i have some great news for you all if you want i am hosting a 205000 hits party in loads of different places its going to be great if youve always been willing to meet me Here’s your chance! There will be loads of stuff im in a hurry now but i can make it amazing

(For those of you wondering i will check the Penguin Standard time)  🙄 🙂

More on it: There will be loads of competitions and games and snowball fights hockey matches and other stuff igloo parties dance disco competitions, P.S Im waiting to go on my other computer to post pics and more it will be great if you could all try and come remember tommorow at 5:35,

Server: UK,

Room: Mittens:

Place : Iceberg, Snow forts igloos and more!

Name of person: Dragonflyer9


Place: Loads of places including peoples igloos

Time: 5:35 English time,

I Hope you all enjoy it !

Day: Monday

How long: 1 Hour

I need your ideas to cause theres nothing better than customers ‘Views’ So you please post your ideas on what kind of party, Amazing party i should do like offering your igloos and deciding ideas maybe even prizes and competitons like pass the parcel and a Disco and stuff

More Later,


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The Stage

Here’s latest stuff today the Stage was released with many happy playing perfoming penguins you can choose from your Violin, Tuba, Air Guitar , Acoustic guitar, Drums and the stage comes in with a free microphone, Drums and Piano to play with heres a pic


5/5 Cool Stage like never before!

P.S Rockhopper is coming to town and some more stuff about the newspaper later

P.P.S I Will be running a competiton for everyone here more about that soon aswell


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My Top 15 Freinds on Club penguin

1. Luda Krava ( Srpski ) And Denhod (UK)

2. Crna Gora7 ( Montenegroan )

3. Bosanka 14 ( Bosnian )

4. Bebop 96 ( Removed )

5. Castlelyons ( UK )

6 Freezer4 ( Removed )

7. Fylipper ( UK )

8. Metalmanager ( UK )

9. Mini Dad17 ( UK )

10. Xtigersquash ( UK )

11. Okami266 ( UK )

12. Hurler ( UK )

13. Ghostyfire ( USA )

14. Disco Terry

15. It Could be you

I Put which country everyone is from

I’m From Yugoslavia (Bosnia)

Pics Soon


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April 6th Eggs and Catalog ©

April 6th Alot of stuff today




Lets start of with the Easter egg hunt




1. Lighthouse picture




2.Below crossiant sign in coffee shop




3.Click on the pipe at the mine shack




4.Pizza Parlor spotlight ( Click Twice )




5. Wait for it to float by in cave




6. Gift shop pink present sign on the outside




7.Boiler room draws




8. Look through telescope








To the catalog





Im well annoyed because they brought back sandals and blue cape !!




Here’s A Hidden item








Thats all from now and theres some wicked stuff like you can play an invisible guitar and drumsticks like a russian band lol hope you enjoy








New Items


3 Back Grounds 60 Coins Each




Snare Drum


Marching Hat 360 C


Violin 450 C


Flower Hat ( Old ) 50 C


Sandals ( Old and im annoyed it came back )


Tuba 600 C


Golf Hat 260 C


Flower Basket 100 C


Spring Dress 400 C


Hidden Items:


Blue Cape 350 C


Viking Helmet 750 C


Blue Viking Helmet 1250 C


No Gold One



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