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Club Penguin Fall Fair

Hi penguins! Today the Fall Fair came out with many games and many free items.
The items for members and non members are in the forest

Members at the Arcade Circle at the Snow Forts

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Club Penguin Secret Agent Message

Hi penguins! Today there is a secret message in the news paper from G. To get it, first you need to click on the paper next to aunt arctic

Once you have done that, click on the message that pops up and it will bring you to another page of the newspaper which is the book on the secrets page

Then click the cookie in the poems page

Once you have done that click on the tv in the green page

Then click on the cofee cup in the mancalla page

G tells all agents to watch out because the new mission is coming out soon

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club penguin furniture catalog

Hi penguins! Today the new Clothing Catalog came out and has some new items.

Click on the Walk Chalk Board to get the Chalk Board

Click on the fire in the Pizza Oven twice to get the Stainless Steel Fridge

Click on the green music note to get the guitar stand

Click on the Umbrella to get the Blender

Waddle On!

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Club penguin stage play and pins

Hi penguins! The new stage play came out and the theme is mystery. It came with two pins. A ruby and a magnifying glass
to get the ruby, you need to click these things in the stage in the following order shown File cabinet. Trash can, Book, Vase, Painting.

To get the Magnifying glass, it is in the dock on the tree

Waddle on..!

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The Stage Construction

Hi Penguins

Dragon here

A huge plan is happening on the stage, i think they are making a new stage, or a new play. It is going to own

Stay on my site for new updates

P.S The New Catalog is out!

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New Clothing Catalogue and Wig Catalogue

Hi penguins! today the new clothing catalog came out and the theme is fall

For the viking helmet, click on the yellow puffle on the first page

For the mixed bracelets, click on the beak of the yellow penguin with the beaded necklace

For the jade necklace, click on the hand of the penguin playing the guitar

For the spikette, click on the spikester


Waddle on!!

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