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Club Penguin Coins for Change results

Hey penguins! Dragonflyer here! Coins for Change has now ended and the results have been released on the blog.

Over one million dollars has been donated to different charity organizations around the world.

This is what billybob has to say.

Over 4 billion virtual coins were donated through the donation stations on the island and in your igloos. Yes – 4 billion coins! And here’s what you decided about how the 1 million dollar real world donation will be split:

Congratulations – Once again you’ve shown that the generosity of our community can make a big difference in helping to change the world.

What do you think?

Waddle on!


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The New Sports Catalogue 09

Hey Penguins.
The new sports catalogue has come out.

Here it is:

Enjoy your shopping for new sports items 🙂

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Club Penguin Christmas party cheats

Hey penguins! Dragonflyer here! The new Christmas Party is now here with several free items!

The first free item is the Santa hat! To get it, it is available at the ski village.

There is also a second free item that is located in the sleigh at the dance club for members. When you deliver 15 gifts, you will get the Santa cloak.

Waddle on!

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