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Post ur secrets here but no badwords!


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Update Club Penguin Tutorial

Hello If you want to help me (In england server) making a video update of new stuff around club penguin to improve that other boring tutorial if u do just sign up!

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A Video Of Find 4

Hope you enjoy i just did it for fun but anyway its a good game



The game took a bit and a while but it was pretty easi

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Hello Penguins

Im Very proud to say i will make something called powerpenguin! powerpenguin gives club penguin players to improve the penguins in all ways

And trust me its not hacking its actually help to make you penguins more comfortobale beilive me its not a hacking to get clothes it updates you with info and anything you missed out it also gives you the opportunity to Upload Interenetcamera to make your own penguin videos and it has a 24 hour battery. Powerpenguin is helping penguins all over the world to have the opportunity to catch up on anything and improving safety. Powerpenguin will also stop bad penguin gangs ganging up! 😀 So wassan thats  your problem solved.

Powerpenguin will help new penguins with tutorial videos made by me dragonflyer! 😀 😀 Which will help them find things and Knowingly if theres a party one video will lead them to the free item/items

Powerpenguin will help Them get more buddies quicker. and understand how to accept the buddy system and how to nub and how to get to the newspaper. Powerpenguin is made By Dragonflyer9 (Me) Kool878 (My Best Freind) By The Freinds Pengwino56 And Pengwino57. It is also made by Smnvchr And Futbal4life. Just to say a big thanks to all who helped out with the project!

Thanks for reading

 Oww my fingers hurt

Until Now Ill be giving you more updates just keep coming back

Posted by dragonflyer 5:42:12

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The Summer Party!

 Dear Penguins The Summer Party WAS A BLAST Unfortuantly i was on holiday Cry cry But still do you ever think they will bring back the items or not the clothing in the catalog was sure good and us penguins are lucky that we could afford to have it for 2 weeks nearly my favourite item although i didnt get it would have to be the whistle what would yours be tell me here on this post!

Bye Bye!

Posted by dragonflyer 17:26:22

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The Mysterious Spook On The iceberg!


The Glow ON the iceberg

Some think northern lights? Some think just a halloweeny treat

No one really Knows but i think its the northern lights when irons attach to the north pole and it fuses to make a baeutiful View

However We are not sure

Until Then Flap On! ….

Check In next week for more news on the Greeny Maroon Glow!

Posted by dragonflyer 5:3:10

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Club Penguin Project (Cpp)

Club penguin quite a freindly place! the project of kids helping kids!At Club Penguin, we’re committed to improving the lives of children everywhere by supporting organizations doing important work on behalf of the world’s youngest and most vulnerable citizens.Approximately 10 per cent of of every Club Penguin membership is used to support specific local and global projects. Currently, our funds are focused on two building projects in a small Ugandan village and a children’s hospital project in Romania.

Supporting these projects is our way of allowing the kids who join Club Penguin to play a role in securing a happier and healthier future for other children around the globe. It’s kids helping kids, something we can all be proud of.

Current Projects:

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