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March 23

Today is march 23,

Today 3 New books were released which can be found in the book room

Truth or dare, Spice of life or frankys first band,

I would give the first one 3/5 2nd one 0/5 3rd one 1/5  And also new puffle play has been released they now play in extraordinary ways!




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New catalog

Hello there
Whats up? Its me dragonflyer here today the new catalog was released !!!! 😀

Heres a hidden item


I know all the other secrets like,
Green bowtie

However, They have not hidden the viking helmet this time!

The viking helmet is hidden click on the pizza on the pizza flipper of the penguin 2x Then repeat for blue but when its on blue click on the coffee mug


Thanks for all who told me


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New things-

A couple of new things


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