Club Penguin star on member badge

Hey penguins! Club Penguin released an update about star badges being on a player’s member badge!

In January, some of you may remember that the member badge was added. Since then, you’ve given us great ideas about how they could be updated and how they could be used in different ways! A lot of you tell us that you’re proud to be a member, so the team’s been busy working on an update to the badge to reflect the amount of months you’ve signed up for as a member.

There are five different badges in total, each one displaying a range of months:

Depending on how long you have been a member, your level gets higher!

You’ll be able to see the update today. In Other News: This Thursday, you might notice that when you’re chatting with your penguin friends, the font in your chat bubbles will look different! Not everyone could see the other font very easily on their computers so we updated it to make it better for everyone. How long have you been a member and what do you think of this update?

Waddle on!



  1. Gabrielle said

    Hey thanks, awesome site, needz colorz though. Thxs and good day!



  2. Aader said


  3. Cutiepie5704 said

    that is so cool but i dont have them

  4. ooo000 said

    Hello, Can You Tell Me That:
    The Member Withought A Line It Means:
    1 MONTH?
    The Member With One Line It Means:
    6 month?
    The …

    • Dooomba said

      Every 5 months you earn a stripe accept the normal badge with no stripes it is a 1-6 month the one with one stripe is 7-12 the two stripe badge is 13-18 the badge with three stripes is 19-24 and the badge with three stripes and a star is 25 months +

  5. Matty said

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    waddle on Matty

  6. tia said

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  7. jeathemeP said

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  8. Cppink20 said

    Can u awnser my question?:

    Is there a glitch that someone who plays cp can NOT be a member but still adopt MEMBER puffles? I kno that u cant anymore cause cp has the new version. So im thinkin that u have 2 use Cp Trainer 2 for the glitch 2 work. If thats true plz reply 2 dis comment.


    • ada said

      i donk know a glitch but if u are a member and stop being one u keep ur puffles and can still walk them around.

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  11. Mattie said

    I have the level 5 membership badge and people have been saying that i’m rare. is that true?

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  17. logan said

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