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Here you can talk about things Off-Topic so anything not to do with the other posts like rubish advertising and all





  1. cool said


  2. denhod said

    have you seen rockhopper yet

  3. denhod said

    i havnt 😦 😦 😦

  4. Yes i saw him when i was round at a freinds house

  5. denhod said

    cool i saw him on his last visit

  6. Where?

  7. I saw him at Ice berg Server in USA,
    Note: Rockhopper is just billybob

  8. :0:

  9. He always waddles around in the USA For some reason 😦

  10. denhod said

    i saw him in the dance club

  11. Theres no point sending him cards
    I sent him 12 Cards to my igloo and he ignored it

  12. moneyrulz said

    wat server is rockhopper on most of the time

  13. Search In USA Hes usually waddling around there

  14. denhod said

    Well we saw him today in deep breezefreeze

  15. I’t Has to be a hacker because he was on his ship for about 50 Minute’s

  16. fishy272 said

    i nver saw him~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. denhod said


  18. denhod said

    NO that rockhopper could not have been a hacker.

    I was not tryin to go on his account or anything but I typed on the user name and for the password I put in some random letters and it said that rockhopper was banned forever.Its the same for Billybob and most other moderators for club penguin.They have some sort of account lock on.

  19. denhod said

    uh oh i accidentally double posted
    that will be gone soon

  20. It will maybe be put in the Spam Box

  21. denhod said

    ok cool

  22. Copper48 said

    Your right Denhod about those passwords a little while ago.I typed in club penguin for Rockhopper i was not haking i was just gonna go on his file once i typed in club penguin. Guess what it said THE BLA BLA BLA has banded your acount your ban will expire Forever!!!!!!!And for Billy bob i typed in rockhopper it said the same thing!!!!!!!!and i saw Rockhopper and when i saw him i logged off did the password it said IN CORRECT PASSWORD!but for Billy bob i typed in rockhopper it said THE BLA BLA BLA HAS BANDED YOUR ACOUNT YUOR BAN WILL EXPIRE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. denhod said

    yeah you see try it

  24. kurtis said

    i cant baleave he was banned

  25. denhod said

    hi dragon just to tell you I am back

  26. SIELEM14 said

    Whats Rockhopper’s password….?

  27. HENHEAD said


  28. phoebe said

    yo wussup yor

  29. phoebe said


  30. whyner said

    does anybody know what he did to be kicked out?

  31. peaches889 said


  32. peaches889 said


  33. You cant invite him to your house cuz hes always on his ship somewhere!!!!!!!

  34. HAX11 said

    I enterd RockHoppers password but for some reason He got banned forever

  35. gulupia gurl said

    is rockhopper in a different server each day he visits or… does he change the server several times a day?

  36. zwbt said


  37. miner 95 said

    wats rock hoppers password?

  38. miner 95 said


  39. Mudslacach 9 said

    Rockhoppers password WAS 22captin22 but i went on and it said PAsSawOrd CasE or something like that.

  40. Scully 2 said

    do you belive you really can meet rock hoper

  41. miner 95 said


  42. jacob said

    hello iam xij76 i rilly want to be a member

  43. jacob said

    hello iam xij76 i rilly want to be a member

  44. jacob said

    hello i am xij76

  45. jacob said

    jsw3kll09 hyyhjhy

  46. tone said

    that was last year!

  47. Redgeo said

    I saw Rockhopper 17 times! the 10th time you see him he offers to be your buddy!when you’re his buddy you can visit his house on Rockhopper island and you can look like him 2!plus on the 15th time he gives a yellow puffle and orange puffle! Plus imet aunt artic 35 times on the tenth you meet her she offers to be your buddy and gives you a reporter aufit so you can look like her!And I met G 22 times on the 20th time he offers to be your buddy and lets you have a ninja costume and look just like him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Starchip said

    Where I can find Rockhopper I really want to know can someone tell me please I really want to know!!!

  49. how do u meet aunt arctic or G? please tell me Redgeo

  50. dude how do you meet Aunt Arctic or G? i reallly want to know

  51. Copper48 said

    Im so gay tell me more about it

  52. FGGGG said

    i want to no what server rockhopper is on dragonflyer

  53. Tinypinky153 said

    I mnow its early but im bored is anyone on this site right now???

  54. onomines said

    your house is well cool

  55. sheena said

    where is rockhoppper? can you help me find him? because i want to get the piratey item

  56. Lizard38 said

    Is rockhopper married

  57. Lizard38 said

    does rockhopper’s wife have a kid

  58. denhod said

    Good Idea this

  59. sixboy said


  60. 98765Lolly said

    Penguin Name:Angelina138
    Password:emily c


  61. denhod said

    You can not meet aunt arctic
    If you just look around on the club penguin site it says you cant meet her but maybe in the future you can.

  62. denhod said

    dragon can U plz go on club penguin now on deep freeze at lighthouse becuz bebop says that he didnt delete you and you say you didnt delete him so he wants to be your friend again. He says he dont know what happened

  63. 4soccergal4 said

    You can definitley not meet Aunt Artic.

  64. captaincook said

    I have seen her in 2005 (im serous)

  65. megansmars said

    ya right (sarcastic) :rolls:

  66. michael bell said

    i killed rockerhpper

  67. If you link your site to mine I’d be very grateful ’cause my site is just starting out.

  68. SSSS said

    yoyo yoo

  69. SSSS said

    if u want a Cp account with a member ship wait to the 18th of may ill tell u at betwenn 7am 11.00 pm

  70. megan said

    rockhoppers password is Denhod and i typed it in and it said your person is banned forever or something like that.(what is billybob’s passwrod?)

  71. Robin87 said

    Ive seen rockhopper and he is my 1st buddy and ive also been him and his Password is:
    Im not LIYING!!

  72. tenten 10 said

    i heard rockhoppers account got banned.

  73. tenten 10 said

    i also heard that he does not have a password.

  74. tenten 10 said

    all it is is 1543534.or 2150214586.or3695872.thats wierd.

  75. jeffafa said

    talk to me


  76. luigi45 said

    i met rock hopper πŸ™‚ 😎 😳

  77. Emily said

    were is rockhopper at now

  78. kiara said

    I REALLY WAnna know rockhoppers password can anyone tell me?

  79. Rockhopper said

    Har Har im on parka right now

  80. franco said

    fuck rockhopper!!!!!!!!!!! i sent him a hundred cards and he didnt reply!!! i saw him in the usa in mamoth server he is such a motherfucker!! i kept on saying hello and he didnt even bother to say hello!!! i hate that piece of shit!!!!!!!

  81. freddy said

    rockhopper is here

  82. maddy said

    u cant meet rockhopper that many times nor g or aunt arctic!!

  83. wheres rockhopper

  84. luv_2_flip said

    can you really tip the ice burge

  85. lamborghini1121 said

    suck mah balls

  86. crystal said

    ok y would u tell us your password and username?

  87. George said


  88. ajs7303 said

    I’ve never met Rockhopper, and I never know where to look. If the Rockhopper thing says that he is banned forever, that just means that he is on I’m pretty sure. He didn’t actually get banned.

  89. the bitch said


  90. Love Heart Inc. said

    Just STOP and LISTEN to me

  91. Love Heart Inc. said


  92. Felixxx said

    ily dragon…

  93. zmanzz99 said

    whats rockhoppers password i tried EVERYTHING and when i say everything i meaneverything

  94. laksdjf;jaisd said


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