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Dear Penguins,

You might want to check your previous comments on this site because i have maybe put an editors comment, On some i have and on some i havent.

I will put more editors comments in the future


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You Can Still Dance With a Newspaper


1. Go to and press F11 On your keyboard

2. Open Someones player card and drag it to the bottom left so only mail and moderate and ignore is showing.

3. Open Your Newspaper

4. Send the person there card and say yes to all and then exit the card thing

5. Dance , sit , wave , talk , throw snowballs,


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G’s Mission The Video

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New Pet Catalog Release & Items


Red Puffle Bed 250 C
Red Puffle House 500 C

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Glitch Mania

This is a pic of me and my freinds doing glitches in the plaza in deep freeze , england , 12:53 English time!!!!


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This was my first ever video

Remember those old times with only 10 servers in england!

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Something Fun For This Weekend…!

Dear penguins

I am making a dragonflyer9s Club Penguin Newspaper ,  If you want to help just email me at my normal adress

I have opened a ask dragonflyer article at the top bar links at the top of my site .

Please ask some questions there . The best 4 Will get picked in the newspaper!!

😀  ❗ 💡 :mrgreen:

Have a nice day


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