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The Stage Construction

Hi Penguins

Dragon here

A huge plan is happening on the stage, i think they are making a new stage, or a new play. It is going to own

Stay on my site for new updates

P.S The New Catalog is out!


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Some news

1. The festival of snow is officialy Over!

2. The newspaper comes out in 2 days

3. The clock is coming in 3 Days ( I dont know why but i think the clock is Rubish because we alredy have timers on our computers ( Bottom right) Don’t we?

4.The new catalog is released soon

Do you think there going to bring back anything?

5.Rockhopper is leaving quick with a comeback in march

6. I won’t be posting much cuz im sick

 7. More news later,

🙂 Dragonflyer

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Post #1

Hey theres nothing much going on club penguin i will post more tommorow
meeting3265236242346364574225724572457245745745745745745745736223412.JPG Yay a meeting “wave” Heres some other peoples views on the party
Dragonflyer: What do you like about club penguin,
Woddla: Lol, Pretty much everything,
Dragonflyer: How much did you like the party 😕
Woddla: Loadz 😉
Dragonflyer: How good do you think the free items where 🙄
Woddla: Great free items 😉 I think they put some effort in there and the free items are cool but theres only 2 Left so hurry and get them!
Dragonflyer: Thanks 🙂
Woddla: Bye!

Also I asked loads more penguins and i will be asking later on today,
However there is a meeting today yes so please make it to the meeting today at 4:00 English GMT cproxmysox12.JPG


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Protected: Today’s 4’th Dfcp9 Meeting

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New newspaper released

Today the new newspaper was released from club penguin and

The migrator has been fixed and ready to go tommorow with a swift comeback in march! Yay March!

The new pin is hidden tommorow and i will tell you where tommorow

If you get banned 4 Times its a bann forever 😉

Game of the week: Ballistic buiscuit Waddle around with your freinds on the boat jumping over different obstacles but do not hit the buoys because they are to high to jump over,

Gary the secret agent is working on the clock and it should be finished by 23rd 😉

Also the festival continues does that mean theres another free item or what?

Tommorow there will be an ice palace for your igloo, ( To bad i only have 12 coins from yesterday)

Dojo, Click on the mountains

Bye ❗

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Hey, Happy valentines to all,

Breaking news: There is now a ” Be my valentine ” Card in the greeting cards

I hope you enjoy today because it is a special day 😉

Also a lot of penguins are Red Because it is in the valentines day colour

Club penguin haven’t Given out the free item but it should come soon

Club penguin said Valentines Day: We won’t be holding an official party, but we will have some special items available to celebrate. If you read whats new

I will be on today sometime beetween 6-9 😉

Heres A Little question i made

If i start at the town and walk north 2 steps and then walk north another 3 steps but then i take 5 steps to the west i will be in the ……………


In jetpack game let the lanterns on level4&5 Guide you to the exit,

Happy valentine’s day from dragonflyer

Plus tommorow is the new newspaper so theres more about the clock 😉


😉 Dragonflyer

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Club penguin video Commercial 6#

Plus: There was this really wierd bunch of penguins

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