Some news

1. The festival of snow is officialy Over!

2. The newspaper comes out in 2 days

3. The clock is coming in 3 Days ( I dont know why but i think the clock is Rubish because we alredy have timers on our computers ( Bottom right) Don’t we?

4.The new catalog is released soon

Do you think there going to bring back anything?

5.Rockhopper is leaving quick with a comeback in march

6. I won’t be posting much cuz im sick

 7. More news later,

🙂 Dragonflyer



  1. denhod said

    get better dude

  2. LOVE PEACE said

    i wish there was a cheat for money i could tell you but ghere isnt i know of sooo i guess thats it bye

  3. […] Look At This! Some news […]

  4. Jasg08 said

    I have a super cool glitch . to buy things whittaut being a member. first you need 2 computers with the same account but different servers then go to the catalog and buy the thing that you want at the same time at the different computers. when the thing tells you that you can’t buy it .log off . with 1 computer go tho your account and you will see that you have the item that you chose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. beiping said

    the glitch realy WORKS it is soooooooo COOL!!!!!!!

  6. surley said

    i keep trien that glitch but it isnt working!!!!!!!!! i really want to no!!! is it like in a certain catolog or any and do u have to sign out at the same time and stuff i need to noo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Email what u no to me!!!!

  7. shape said


  8. In fact the clock is NOT rubbish beacuse it is not the same time we have!!! The clock in club penguin is the CLUB PENGUIN TIME ZONE. I think its a good and fun clock.

    WaDdLe On…..!


  9. sirlemons said

    Recently I have received TOP SECRET information about the key to get into Rockhopper’s Ship! Although it does not work now it would have earlier as the information came from a trusted penguin named ‘Dragmaster’ soon to be a member of the staff.

    Here is how it was done.

    To see the rest visit

    The new clock is good for us Australians

  10. Shannon said

    hey kaycee its shannon lets totally hang out.

  11. Shannon said

    shannon is here to save the day!!!!!!!!!!!! well g2g! oooohhhhhhhhhhhh ya! vincent likes me and wants to hang out should i ????????

  12. sheepfairy said

    well i cant do that glitxh thingy becuase it well confused me!

  13. sheepfairy said

    that cheats works!NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THAT MONEY CHEAY DOES NT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. clubpenguinmrwilloxjaffapingumaplesyrupps said


    IT RULEZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. sdszfdgandamahighs said

    i like this

  16. ZOOZOODEEM said


  17. im a member so cop that suckers

  18. you have nice site you can also find cheats at club penguin cheats

  19. homie1124 said

    go to my site

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