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how are you?

Hi. How are you guys? Haven’t been here for a while 🙂 Is Flamster3000 still around?


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Hi All.

How’s it going?

Is everyone ok? I have been inactive recently but I will try an get stuff back on track now!

Thanks all.


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The New Sports Catalogue 09

Hey Penguins.
The new sports catalogue has come out.

Here it is:

Enjoy your shopping for new sports items 🙂

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The New Pin – Umbrella

The new pin is out, it is an umbrella which is red and yellow.

To find it go down the Dance Club stairs into the boiler room and it is next to the boiler.

Here is a picture:


Thanks- Dragonflyer9

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New Furniture Catalog July-August 09

Hi Penguins, the new furniuture catalog for July-August 2009 is out, I hope you enjoy it , i will show you all the pictures for the hidden items now, they are fantastic, great! And everything else.

Well here they are:

To get the Wall Speakers click on the DJ Tables.


To get the band table, click on the gramophone


To get the Guitar Stand, click on the stone monument.


To get the LCD Television, click on the top of the torch.


To get the Penguin Knight Sculpture click on the Medieval Banner


To get the Picket Fence click on the plant.


Thanks, Dragonflyer9

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New Party – I’m Back!

Hey Penguins, the new party has arrived, it is music themed so i hope it will be good 😛 There is many things at every single station, Here are some pics.part1newmusicjam

The coffee shop has been turned into a music jam mania!

Penguins can fight it out at the snow forts, which has red and blue teams which fight out with guitars! and stuff, it is really cool. If you have the old snare drum use it with a russian hat 😛part2partythingpart3partything

This is the guitar and drums and bass and maracas stand, you can play with yourself on one colour or you can get a team of 4 and make jumbly music!


This is the free item, green headphones which can be found at the Cove.


This is the rather (Girlish) band stand. The more boyish one is in the lighthouse.



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Club penguin stage play and pins

Hi penguins! The new stage play came out and the theme is mystery. It came with two pins. A ruby and a magnifying glass
to get the ruby, you need to click these things in the stage in the following order shown File cabinet. Trash can, Book, Vase, Painting.

To get the Magnifying glass, it is in the dock on the tree

Waddle on..!

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