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Club Penguin candy hunt

Hi penguins! Today Club Penguin released the Halloween party! Here is how to finish the candy hunt

Chocolate bar: To get the chocolate bar you need to click on the flag at the snow forts

Candy stick: It is in the book room

Candy corn: Click on the lamp in the dance lounge

Lolipop: click on the box in the attic

Candy: click on the pot in the plaza

Pumpkin candy: click on the caution sign at the cove

Box candy: click on the lights in the sky at the ice berg

Candy apple: at the top of the light house, wait for the lightning to flash 3 times and it will appear in the giant pumpkin

Once you have done these, you get a backround
To get the lantern, go to the secret lab by clicking on the sparking candle next to the stick candy in the book room then there will be a lantern box at the side

Happy Halloween!


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Club Penguin 3rd year

Hi penguins! Today is Club Penguins third birthday!

to get the party hat you need to click on the fan in the cofee shop and wait for a few seconds and it will blow off the top of the cake

Waddle on!

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Club Penguin Rockhopper

Hi penguins! Rockhopper has arrived with serveral new rare items!

Waddle on!

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Hi penguins! Today mission 9 just came out! Here is a tutorial on completing the mission

When you complete the mission you get a medal and a box of chocolates

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Club Penguin October clothing catalog

Hi penguins! Today the clothing catalog for October has come out with many Halloween items and secret items

To get the Viking Helmet, click on the pumpkin next to the Frankenstein penguin.

The Golden Viking Helmet has also come back, to get it, you need to open and close the Red Viking Helmet until the blue one pops up. Then click on the yellow puffle

The Black Hero Mask also returned. To get it, click on the light on the wall above the Ghost costume

Have a happy Halloween!


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