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Penguin Play Awards

Hey Penguins! Dragonflyer here! Billybob has posted on the Club Penguin blog about the Penguin Play Awards. This is what he said:

Hello Penguins!

It’s always cool to see what you’re doing on the island when an event like the Penguin Play Awards happens – we’re seeing TONS of you doing different stuff at the Pizza Parlor.

Also, the team loves what you’re doing in the Stage and all over the island with your own speeches, interviews and acting! The red carpet’s going to be gone on the 28th so make sure to get your votes in.


In other news… There are some new songs for your igloo this weekend, including the music from the Pizza Parlor at the Penguin Play Awards! Let us know what you think!

What do you think?



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Club Penguin Herbert’s Revenge Sneak Peek

Hey Penguins! Dragonflyer here! Billybob has posted on the Club Penguin blog about a sneak peek for the new DS game. This is what he said. Credit to

I’ve got a big sneak peek for you guys today. We’ve been hearing from a lot of you who want to know more about “Herbert’s Revenge”, the new Nintendo DS game we’re working on.

Last month we showed you some pictures of some mysterious caves. Many of you guessed that agents might have to search the caves to track down Herbert. Well…


It looks like you might be onto something! The picture shows a new mini-game, with some new equipment to help agents swing into action.

I don’t want to give too much away yet, but I can say that there are some big things coming up for secret agents.

What do you think of this?


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Puffle Rescue

Hey Penguins! Dragonflyer here! Billybob has posted on the Club Penguin blog about the new game Puffle Rescue! This is what he said

Hello Penguins!

Our new game – Puffle Rescue continues to make news on the island! If you’ve not played yet, then head to the Mine and join in the rescue mission. The team’s really excited to hear what you think!

We’ve heard from a lot of you wondering how to open the door to the Underwater Room. The note in the Hidden Lake room says to go to the Black Puffle level in Puffle Rescue, and follow a shadow… So head to the first level of the Water Level and see if you can find it.

You’ll need to find a way to make sure you have enough air to follow it though. Where will it lead? You’ll have to find out!

In other news… Penguin Play Awards start today! There’s lots going on down at the Plaza, with interviews taking place on (and off!) the red carpet. What’s your favorite? Don’t forget to vote and have your say on what comes back to the Stage in April.

What do you think?


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Club Penguin Mission #11 Update

Hey penguins! Dragonflyer here! Today Billybob has posted on the Club Penguin blog about mission #11 for all the secret agents on Club Penguin. We have been told that the mission will be released in several months.

Billybob has told us that even though the mission is not yet released, we should train for it by completing all of the other Missions. What do you think Herbert is up to this time?


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Club Penguin February 2010 Sports Catalog Cheats

Hey penguins! Dragonflyer here! Today the new Sports Catalog came out on Club Penguin and it has two secret items that you can buy! These are the secret items. I got these pictures from my friend. He has given me complete permission to use them.

To get the green team outfit, click on the green penguin in the background of the first page.

To get the red baseball cap, click on the mound

What do you think of these items?


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Club Penguin Orange Puffle Available!

Hey penguins! Dragonflyer here! You can now buy the Orange Puffle at the Pet Shop!

When it dances, it uses a hula hoop!


sorry about the short post i am very short of time

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Club Penguin Puffle Party Update

Hey Penguins! Dragonflyer here! Today Billybob has posted on the Club Penguin blog about an update for the Puffle Party.  This is what he said.

“The Puffle Party is still going strong for a few more days, and I hope you and your puffles are having a blast! I got a kick out of the Puffle Show, with the Puffle Grooming station and all the races going on. What did you think of it?”

Many of you penguins might have noticed that the Puffle Party was released on Club Penguin a bit earlier than a usual party. The reason is that this is part of the new launch times that we were told about on Tuesday.

In Other news, the new Sports Catalog will be coming out on Thursday and along with it, a special surprise at the Puffle Shop. Based on all the events happening with the Orange Puffle being seen all around Club Penguin, I think that the surprise is that we will be able to buy the Orange Puffle for our penguins.

This is an image that Club Penguin has given us

What do YOU think that the surprise will be. If it is the Orange Puffle, it will be the third new puffle that has come to Club Penguin in the last 3 years.

What do you think of this?

Waddle on!


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