Club Penguin Project (Cpp)

Club penguin quite a freindly place! the project of kids helping kids!At Club Penguin, we’re committed to improving the lives of children everywhere by supporting organizations doing important work on behalf of the world’s youngest and most vulnerable citizens.Approximately 10 per cent of of every Club Penguin membership is used to support specific local and global projects. Currently, our funds are focused on two building projects in a small Ugandan village and a children’s hospital project in Romania.

Supporting these projects is our way of allowing the kids who join Club Penguin to play a role in securing a happier and healthier future for other children around the globe. It’s kids helping kids, something we can all be proud of.

Current Projects:



  1. how sweet for the projects to be for those kids!!!

  2. Mr Agent 2 said

    Cool my child is enjoying it.

  3. ally5238 said

    My daughter loves club penguin but i dont want to pay for her to be a member is there anything i can do so she can be a member for free? She said “Mom Club Penguin is getting kind of boring because i am not a member and it is not fair that if you cant pay you are not allowed to buy a lot of things or do a lot of things.” So please find a way that i will not have to pay.

  4. ally5238 said

    My email is Email me as soon as you get this.

  5. Iivo said

    I cant get the clothes

  6. kayus said

    Hi! I’m from Romania but my dad wanted to do me a member, but it says that the transfer is declined. Why? And why can’t we not use that pin from 82023 in other countries? Please help me!

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