Lirpa Sloof ( April Fools )!

Today the april fools party was released its packed with fun!

You can pick up a hat at the mine,
Theres some funny glasses at the Beach lol

And Especially theres over 100 Funny boxes my favourite is the Ones on the iceberg

How about you?




  1. yo dragon its me castlelyons i have a site too lease visit it


    Show your support for Club Penguin, and go to;

    Basically anything goes there, talk about Club Penguin, or talk about your day. Which ever one you perfer.

    Members are needed, since this site is relativley new, I am also in search for a partner, which will have unlimited access to the site.

    Thank you guys who come and give the site a chance.

  3. FLIBO PIPO said

    come on club penguin on 7.4.07
    be there
    flibo pipo
    go to my igloo
    good deal

  4. yo dragon your site is so cool love all your pics. yo dragon wana be friends on cp if u do send acomment saying yes or no on my last post i did thanks cya

  5. Toesinty said

    hey castlelyonz its toes

  6. manateelover100 said

    yo t htatte u

  7. lolkolo said

    Hi I am so Popuilar

  8. lolkolo said

    I have Dirty toe nails and dirty finger nails,but I am still beautiful! I like green eggs and ham! And I like to watch Barney! He rules! I love you, you love me. Ant we a big happy family……………… Clean Up Clean Up every boddy do your share clean uop clean up!………………………….. I love Barney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BARNEY RULES! AND I LOVE ELMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. lolkolo said

    I am cool!

  10. brad said

    hey,if u want 999999 coins,just email me your username and passward to it works better if your a member

    p.s. I wont steal your account because i have 5 accounts with 999,999 coins each!!

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