Clothing Catalog cheats

all the latest clothing catalog cheats



  1. 65tails said


  2. top9 said

    any new new cheats for catalog?

  3. top9 said

    o and were are the clothing cheats all i see is this commet thing that ppl right in
    and 10,000 smilys

  4. emily said

    there r good cheats here

  5. thedude said

    were r the cheats 😦

  6. Callume Busbyeata said

    Club Penguin is rubish

  7. crimpolene4 said

    wat thers just that smiley thingy lol

  8. ? said


  9. hxqmb said

    Good site!!!

  10. Xjazzminex said

    Click on the 3-D glasses for a blue cape that is 500 coins. Click on a leaf by the kimono to get the red viking helmet (I think it’s about 700 coins). To get the blue viking helmet, click on the leaf 4 times. The blue viking helmet is 1,200 coins I THINK.

  11. Callume Busbyeata, club penguin is NOT RUBISH!!!!!!!!

  12. Xjazzminex, what bout the gold viking helmit?

  13. J Punked said

    The gold viking helmet is not on clubpenguin in this catalog
    trust me i no a lot about clubpenguin

  14. xOzoeOx said

    are there ANY cheats for the clothing catalog for NON members?????

  15. PACKERS said

    lol the smileys
    B) πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

  16. lindsey said

    i know how to dance in a diffrent way in club penguin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. william said

    if u give me your username and password at and i can get u 10000

  18. This is a awesome website!:):(:$

  19. But i heard moderators are going on the cheat websites so they can ban other people:(

  20. im not going on cheat websites

  21. starting now!

  22. shalynn said

    if u press on the black guitar or put your mouse around it and it shous up as a hand click that and then u get a RED guitar

  23. Cubfeet said

    wer r the cheats???? dude u suck ther r none!

  24. Batman1165 said

    READ THIS!!!!!!!!!
    I know how to become a free member for Club Penguin. My uncle created Club Penguin so I know all the best cheats! Including a free membership! All my friends have free memberships! It REALLY works! But it takes time so you have to have about an hour of free time to get it. NO DOWNLOADING AT ALL! NO THREATS, VIRUSES OR SCAMS! It’s really simple, just follow these directions carefully! Sorry but you have to be a Secert Agent! It’s easy to do that! AND YOU WON’T GET BANNED!!!!!
    1.Go to and login fully.
    2.Go into the Agent HQ (You can get there by going into the dressing room in the Sports Shop that’s closest to all of the sporting equpitment or simply using your Spy-Phone)
    3.Go into the lower right corner of The HQ.
    4. Make sure your Chat Box is ready for typing, Type in (all in Caps Lock)
    5. Then click on the green light above the door exactly seven times. DO NOT CLICK ON THE DOOR! IT WILL TAKE YOU BACK TO THE SPORTS SHOP!
    6. A blue box will come up that says, WOW! you’re an amazing hunter! You caught the Red Pirate Bandit! Conratulations! For your reward and hard work, we will give you a FREE membership for life!You saved Clup penguin!Thanks so much! Do you want a free membership?
    7. Click Yes! I’d love a free membership for my hard work!
    8.A second blue box will come up. All it has is a small chat box. Type in COINS GAZOOKS! And press enter. The chat box will clear and press 1 only once and 0 as many times until the box is full. Click the Ok button on the upper left corner.*
    9.Congratulations! you are now a member and you have a supply of
    never-ending coins. And it’s all FREE!
    Have a happy membership
    *If you are having trouble at any of the nine steps, please don’t hesitate! E-mail me at I promise our E-mailing will be 100% confidential. just say that you are having trouble on your membership so I know what your talking about.

  25. Batman1165 said

    Hey! It’s me again! After you press the ok button (8. on previous) you have to log off for three days. If you try to get back on then there will be a thing that says, A moderator has banned your account. DON”T FREAK OUT! All of you new coins need to wired into your account. After three days you can get back on.

  26. Batman1165 said

    Sorry about the typo on the directions # 6 it’s supposed to say You saved Club Penguin! Not You saved Clup penguin!

  27. :smiley600:

  28. :2funny:

  29. dracomalfoyrock said

    well, there’s no clothing cheats for non members but always look out for free stuff and get them! that’s what i use to do when i was a non member but if you become a member, you will sure feel poor if you don’t have the WPE Pro!

  30. BERRIES 24 said


  31. SAM said

    IT DOSENT WORK!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Rachel said

    I tried the cheat but it didnt work for me!!!

  33. Rachel said

    Can you do the cheat for me please

  34. Mumble said

    u dont even have cheats on this stupid web!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  35. doodlebob said

    fuck you assholes

  36. I just tried your cheat and it did not work please help

  37. snd man said

    how do i get the chatbox 2 cum up on club penguin when i am at the bottom right corner of the HQ?

  38. raamone said


  39. SAM said


  40. SAM said


  41. SAM said

    hate clubpenguin

  42. SAM said

    what the heck it keeps on saying word press you are posting coments to fast and no im not they might think i am posting coments to fast i typ fast thats how i am gosh!

  43. emily said

    batman itdosnet work

  44. emily said


  45. emily said

    😦 πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

  46. emily said


  47. emily said

    pooooooooooooooooooooooo 😦 πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ :Β£

  48. clubpman said

    Wow cool Free Membership cheat I have a friend named Maya and
    she logged on to CP without a membership I should tell her about the cheat
    tomorrow at school.

    P.S is the FGHIT ARCHEN HOUISER a bad or swear word because
    if Maya gets band she’ll WWE with you

  49. rikrok22 said

    batman do we press enter when we ritten FHTTGIF ARCHEN HOIUSER?

  50. rikrok22 said

    cause its not working…..;(

  51. Pactrick said

    the free thing does not work I treid it

  52. whatever batman said, i tried it and it didnt work

  53. Allison said

    Are u sure this isnt fake

  54. fhfh said

    can anyone tel me a code

  55. elijah said

    hey where is catalog on ur page

  56. mika said

    batman alot of people saythat the cheat doesent work I think you should help them out. ps.I tried it it dosent work hope I dont get baned πŸ™‚

  57. Shea said

    Ok want neverending coins….. go to the bean counter game and right before it adks you if u want to play hit the house buttion then play just log out when y9ur done hitting end in the game. lol luv

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