Part 3 of Monster Movie



  1. Blue Puffley said


  2. I have 2 Questions
    1. Who is nanu?
    2.How come some penguins have names like penguin44129912 when your name can only be 12 letters long?

    From penguin88977

  3. Thank-you , For your questions
    We try to reply as quick as possible
    1. Nanu is rsnail or billybobs other test penguin
    2. I don’t know its a bug,
    Once my freind made a penguin called flyerpen99 and when logged on the name was like penguin98761242002 or something

  4. denhod said

    no i am not banned

  5. Fylliper said

    That is an awesome episode Dragonflyer9!!!
    It is If its not all right you can just edit the comment. I’d love to help.
    I’m always there.


  6. 2Cute4U said

    DragonFlyer9 i really want 2 be your friend on club penguin! How about we meet next Saturday in the Canada server in the world of Wool Socks. Im Gogirlz10 and we’ll meet at the dojo at 5:00 PM Texas time. K?

  7. Ferrari125 said

    where is the monster

  8. natedog323 said

    wheres part 1 and two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Liksom said

    hello bye bye

  10. leechinator said

    make a part 4 i wanna see the end!

  11. fyyvgbizexerteiyyeyvfhhf said

    it was crap

  12. waytocute said

    WOW… how do you make and take pics of you on CP? If u copud tell me that would be awesome!

  13. mic725 said

    I really really want to see part 4 im your biggest fan.How about we meet at the Amarican server Big Foot at 2:00 on Sunday at the beach on June 23rd!


  15. Roxie 28 said

    Ok dude that was such a waste of time!!!!!!!!!! That was so dumb!

  16. Tonarox said

    Make a 4th and meet me soon on south pole australia ok?

  17. sand 200 said

    that is awesome i am ur biggest fan sand 200.

  18. willdude127 said

    im new! i think its awesome

  19. assman123 said

    holy crap

  20. assman123 said

    yr a piece of shit

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