Strange or what?

Hello, Today a fan sent me in some news

If you look out of the beacon telescope there seems to be a floating bottle , I dont know what it is but it might be something to do with rockhopper

Thank you ,



  1. its fuzzy

  2. i think its a clue about something rockhopper is bringgin

  3. Ugifdfdjnjn said

    Maybe Rockhoppers in trouble

  4. looloo said

    it will probly be in next weeks paper

  5. Copper48 said

    Dragonflyer this might mean Rockhopper will never see us agin or he might bring a new puffle or a cheat or that bottle means nothing

  6. The new game ROX MY SOX OFF!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. denhod said

    that bottle appeared he day rockhoppers ship was not seen through the telescope

    I dont think its sommin to do with rockhopper myself

  8. ogda2 said

    now if u look out the telescope itts gone

  9. luckyshoes2 said

    yep cause it is old!!!!!!! i already lived thourgh this i hated it so people you stink

  10. nj said


  11. Atf Pink said

    Din’t see it….. *Shugs shoulders*

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