Something Fun For This Weekend…!

Dear penguins

I am making a dragonflyer9s Club Penguin Newspaper ,  If you want to help just email me at my normal adress

I have opened a ask dragonflyer article at the top bar links at the top of my site .

Please ask some questions there . The best 4 Will get picked in the newspaper!!

😀  ❗ 💡 :mrgreen:

Have a nice day




  1. This was a idea by me when i was reading todays daily newspaper…
    😀 😆

  2. khalifa said

    can i help u in dis.can u add me at msn,da email is

  3. mikachu25 said


  4. for3v3r said

    Hey dragonflyer…can be the author on ur site?

  5. for3v3r said

    oh..and can u add me to ur blogroll?

  6. Cool

  7. i will help

  8. luti said

    u suck this is from last year

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