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Club Penguin Mission #11 Update

Hey penguins! Dragonflyer here! Today Billybob has posted on the Club Penguin blog about mission #11 for all the secret agents on Club Penguin. We have been told that the mission will be released in several months.

Billybob has told us that even though the mission is not yet released, we should train for it by completing all of the other Missions. What do you think Herbert is up to this time?



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Club Penguin ice sculpture update

Hey penguins! Billybob posted an update on the ice sculpture contest

The snow artists have been busy going through your drawings, and on Friday you’ll be able to discover the first five that have been made into snow sculptures! Remember, for three weeks, there will be five new ones… They’ll be in different places on the island.



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Club Penguin igloo catalog update

Hi penguins! Today Clubpenguin released the new catalog.
Here are its secrets
To get the gingerbread igloo. Click on all the words “candy” on the pink igloo page

Click on the bar for the secret stone igloo
picture from clubpenguintime

Waddle on!

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Club Penguin ninja training and dojo update

Hi penguins! When you visit the dojo, there is a stand that says “Ninja Training” it will be available on November 17th. Soon we will be able to be trained to be ninjas.

Also, a lot of the dojo has been uncovered and it is much like a temple. It looks like clubpenguin has had a long hidden ninja secret

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