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Penguin Play Awards

Hey Penguins! Dragonflyer here! Billybob has posted on the Club Penguin blog about the Penguin Play Awards. This is what he said:

Hello Penguins!

It’s always cool to see what you’re doing on the island when an event like the Penguin Play Awards happens – we’re seeing TONS of you doing different stuff at the Pizza Parlor.

Also, the team loves what you’re doing in the Stage and all over the island with your own speeches, interviews and acting! The red carpet’s going to be gone on the 28th so make sure to get your votes in.


In other news… There are some new songs for your igloo this weekend, including the music from the Pizza Parlor at the Penguin Play Awards! Let us know what you think!

What do you think?



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Club Penguin you decide

Hey penguins! Dragonflyer here! CP has released a post on the blog that you can vote on to chose which plays will come back and which one will be new to the play awards!

The results will be released very soon!


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