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Puffle Rescue Tips

Hey Penguins! Flamster3000 here! Screenhog has posted tips on Puffle Rescue. This is what he said

Puffle Rescue Tips!

Hi everyone, Screenhog here!

By now many of you have probably tried out the new Puffle Rescue game in the Mine. If you haven’t, I definitely suggest heading down and trying it out. It’s a lot of fun and very different from other Club Penguin games.

For everyone who’s trying to get the hang of the game, I thought I’d post some suggestions and tips that have worked for me so far.

1. Look before you leap… or swim.

It helps to look ahead and plan your jumps. Remember that while you only have a little time to act, looking ahead and waiting for the best chance works well.

2. Sometimes ‘close’ is close enough.

If you mistime your jump, or if you need to make a fast leap, you can still land safely even if your aim isn’t perfect. You’ll grab onto moving platforms automatically if you’re close enough…

Close enough.jpg

3. Watch for new challenges.

At first, each level you reach will introduce a new challenge. Be cautious – there are tons of break-away platforms and ice chunks, along with sharks, bumpers, cannons and more. Pay close attention until you master all of them…


4. Last but not least, a few hidden tricks…

Have you tried standing on the mine carts until they leave the screen yet? Try it out! And if it gets too dark for you in the mine levels, remember that standing on the black and white check points will give you more light.

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Puffle Rescue

Hey Penguins! Dragonflyer here! Billybob has posted on the Club Penguin blog about the new game Puffle Rescue! This is what he said

Hello Penguins!

Our new game – Puffle Rescue continues to make news on the island! If you’ve not played yet, then head to the Mine and join in the rescue mission. The team’s really excited to hear what you think!

We’ve heard from a lot of you wondering how to open the door to the Underwater Room. The note in the Hidden Lake room says to go to the Black Puffle level in Puffle Rescue, and follow a shadow… So head to the first level of the Water Level and see if you can find it.

You’ll need to find a way to make sure you have enough air to follow it though. Where will it lead? You’ll have to find out!

In other news… Penguin Play Awards start today! There’s lots going on down at the Plaza, with interviews taking place on (and off!) the red carpet. What’s your favorite? Don’t forget to vote and have your say on what comes back to the Stage in April.

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