Club Penguin Christmas party

Hi penguins! Today the new Christmas party came out!

It has brought several free items but no new items. Only old ones.

The Santa beards are at the village

The hats are at the forts

The pin is at the ski lodge

Happy holidays! 😀



  1. tanya toulomelis said

    okay so what i want to know is freaking game cheats. i mean the party cheats are nice and the iglo cheats help , but id like to know how to make the best of the club penguin money feild nicer and more filled. like is there anyway to slow down the conveyer belt on the pizza game so you dont have to move frantically. and dont say preactice cause with homework , after school activites , and choes , bedtimes , tv shows who got the time . im not at my house and right now i am doing this when im supposed to be doing the homework. i aint got the time every freaking night to play the game. oh and also , is there anyway to make youre puffles not constantly hungrey. its like you feed them their hungrey . you bathe them their hungrey. im running out of coins so i cant even improve my soon to be puffle help center called senior puffle , {located at my iglo , on the map} so i cant constantly feed them. HELP

  2. tanya toulomelis said

    okay heres another commentt. whats with rockhopper coming and going with gifts. this is like he goes , and finds gifts for us , then he comes back and the gifts and presents cost freaking money

  3. I know.

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